Egg Alchemy Skincare is handmade on our small farm in Western New York, using high-quality ingredients and unique formulas that are animal-based, and frequently laced with our handcrafted Golden Egg Yolk Oil, made from our very own farm-fresh, free-range, chicken and duck eggs.

All of our animal-based ingredients come from responsible small farms that raise their animals with great love and care.  We use things grass-fed tallows, silky emu oil, and, of course, our precious egg yolk oil because animal fats are biologically-similar to the oils in our own skin--helping them to absorb better and carry all of the other beneficial goodies in our formulas deeper.  They are a game-changer for all skin-types!

Thank you very much for supporting our little flock!  We appreciate you stopping by!

-Laura & the Wing & Wool crew

A headshot photo of Laura from Wing and Wool Farm, holding two baby chicks