What is Egg Yolk Oil?

Egg Yolk Oil just might be the best thing for healthy, beautiful hair and skin!

It has actually been used for centuries to very effectively treat skin and hair ailments. It has a long history of helping with eczema, dermatitis, burns, chapped skin, thinning hair, and even premature greying of hair, and much more!

Traditionally, Egg Oil has been extracted from the yolks by using very high heat to separate out the oil. However, this method destroys the immunoglobulins (aka antibodies) in the egg. The immunoglobulins in eggs have been shown to have antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal properties, among a host of other amazing benefits.

Our Egg Oil used in Egg Alchemy Skincare, is extracted from the golden yolks of our very own pastured chicken eggs at a low temperature, using organic ethanol, which leaves the valuable immunoglobulins of the egg intact.

The ethanol is then extracted, itself, leaving behind the precious golden yolk oil, whose fatty acids closely resemble the lipid profile of human skin--making it an extremely bio-compatible substance for skincare!

Because it is so well absorbed by our skin, its immunoglobulins and other beneficial ingredients of cholesterol, biotin, lecithin, lutein, and zeaxanthins, are better able to work their healing magic, deep within.